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Oct-Nov 2010 issue of Gospel K features new Cine Komix


When CFA’s Publications Dept. launched Cine Komix in its Gospel K Magazine two months ago, readers can’t seem to get enough of the popular movie stories adapted for komiks. Thus, in the upcoming issue, Gospel K will have two more Cine Komix features. “The Lilies of the Field” will be the lead-in story to the Gospel for Oct. 3 (faith like a mustard seed). “Call Northside 777” goes with the Gospel for Oct. 17 (the parable of the persistent widow). Sidney Poitier won an Oscar for his role in “Lilies.” “Northside” is a James Stewart film-noir classic. Contact to subscribe or reserve a copy.

lilies of the field northside 777

Lead pages for two new Cine Komiks features

Multi-awarded filmmaker writes for Gospel K Magazine

doy del mundo stories

Lead pages for stories written by Doy del Mundo for Gospel K Magazine

Clodualdo (Doy) del Mundo Jr., recipient of several film directing and screenwriting awards, and former dean of De La Salle University’s mass communication department, has written two stories for the Oct-Nov 2010 issue of Gospel K Magazine for High School.  Contact to subscribe or reserve a copy.

Eye-Opener at University of the Assumption


Members of CFA’s Publications Department visited the University of the Assumption (San Fernando City, Pampanga) 03 August. They gave brief talks on Bible Interpretation, Customs and Manners in Bible Times, and the Use of CFA Publications in Gospel Study. The audience consisted of elementary, high school and college teachers in Christian Living. The CFA visitors were treated to an eye-opener as well, when told by UA officials that the interest in CFA materials was in line with the school’s campaign to activate and animate BECs (basic ecclesial communities) in the UA campus. The school officials also said they had serious plans to treat the Gospel not only as a “standalone” study, but also to integrate it with other subjects, such as Literature, History and Civics, perhaps even “hard” subjects like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Among themselves later, the CFA Publications team agreed to try including in its magazines contents aimed at supporting such integration.

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