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And the Humble Will Be Champions


Max Baer was a big and terrifying boxer.  Two boxers had died after fighting with him.  Off the ring, he was a flashy figure who hobnobbed with the rich and famous in Depression-hit America.  Jim Braddock was a low-key boxer who was happy to fight in the undercards to put food on the family table.  When Braddock was pitted against Baer for the heavyweight title, Baer’s handlers said it would be a mismatch between “The Destroyer and the ‘Bum.'”  Their fight, now part of boxing legends, will be featured in the next issue of Gospel Now magazine.  It’s the lead-in story to the Gospel for Oct. 24 (the Pharisee and the Publican).  Contact to subscribe or reserve a copy.Baer-Braddock championship fight

Little Man, Big Heart


Daniel (“Rudy”) Ruettiger dreamed of playing football for Notre Dame U.  Friends and family urged him to be more practical — he wasn’t big (5’7″, 165 lbs), he wasn’t smart (he was dyslexic), he wasn’t rich (3rd of 14 children in a lower middle-class family).  How he overcame these handicaps is the subject of a feature story, “Little Man, Big Heart,” in the upcoming issue of Gospel Now magazine, published by the Communication Foundation for Asia.  Rudy’s story is the lead-in to the Gospel for Oct. 31 (the Zaccheus tale).  Contact to subscribe or reserve a copy.

The real Rudy Ruettiger