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MHCS Cebu help fishermen recover from Yolanda


1972381_10202852842135531_1177593489_nMusic can touch hearts, inspire minds – and as the young people of Cebu proved – give the local community another chance to rebuild their lives.


CFA’s Pie Mabanta-Fenomeno with Sisters of Mary Help of Christian School

Three bands from Cebu’s Mary Help of Christians School (MCHS) finished at the top ten of season two of CFA’s music competition “Awit Ng Mga Bagong Bida”. The song “Bagong Kabanata” catapulted the school to second place, which came with a cash prize.

Nevertheless, the young musicians took the volunteerism message of the competition beyond their music and decided to actually help the local fisherfolk of Cebu. They gave part of their prize money to the “Bangka Ng Pag-asa” project.

The havoc wreaked by supertyphoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan) did not spare the fishing boats of many of Cebu’s fishermen, and practically, their source of income – as if the loss of lives and property was not enough.

With the school’s “Bangka ng Pag-asa” project, 14 motorboats were built from scratch in the MHCS school grounds. Their gradual construction in full view of the school was an inspiring symbol of the local youth’s unity to help.


CFA’s Pie Mabanta-Fenomeno and Medz Quilantang with Sisters and Students of Mary Help of Christian School

In fact, because of the Yolanda tragedy, the bands were not able to go to Manila to receive their awards during the March 7, 2014 finale. Instead, CFA went to Cebu last March 28 with the awards and the prize money.

While in the school, CFA’s Pie Mabanta-Fenomeno and Mela San Pedro also facilitated the forum on volunteerism titled “Kaya Natin: Kabataang Bida, Bayani, Banal”.

The selflessness of the youth of Cebu is an inspiring reminder that volunteerism still exists among our young people. If we believe in them, we will find that the youth still have it in them to initiate change. As one of the prizewinning songs says:

“Simulan mo na sa sarili ang malaking pagbabago
At sabay natin itong harapin, ‘di dapat ganito
Hindi pa huli ang lahat, mata’y ating idilat
Bagong kabanata, ay ating ibuklat.”

You can watch the music video for the song “Bagong Kabanata” by clickling here.

The Article is written by Juan Miguel Ala-Tolentino.

4Peace 1World Airs on TV Maria


The video documentary 4Peace 1 World is to be aired by TV Maria on April 4 and 16, 2014, 9am and 8pm and on April 17, 2014 at 330pm. This is the fourth Peace Camp video to be shown by TV Maria, which aired the three previous peace documentaries, “Dear Peace”, “Peace Trip” and “Peacebook”.

As one united voice at the close of CFA’s 4th Peace Camp, 40 high school students chanted “Our Dream: One Nation in Peace!” The young peace advocates, representing two schools in Manila (Ramon Avanceña High School and Nazarene Catholic School) and two schools in Cotabato (Cotabato City National High School and RVM-Notre Dame College of Cotabato), urged people to work together in forming circles of peace that will create ripples of unity, cooperation and mutual understanding across religions, regional groups and economic status throughout the country. The scene captured in this video took place during the culminating activity of the six-day Peace Camp organized by the Communication Foundation for Asia in Sta. Mesa, Manila.

From May 28-June 2, 2012, the campers explored various media platforms to create peace messages that articulate their dreams of a country where citizens will be proud of their heritage and will strive for peace, equality and freedom.

The project was organized in cooperation with the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Inter-religious Dialogue and the Young Moro Professionals Network.

TV Maria airs its programs on Dream Satellite’s Channel 12, Sky Cable’s Channel 160, and Global Destiny’s Channel 91.