Creating Awesome Presentations is Awesome!


SAM_7989 - Copy

Last May 16, 2014 CFA Training held the workshop Creating Awesome Presentations (C.A.P.) here at Communication Foundation for Asia. It is the first of the Skillshare Media Workshop Series which is a monthly workshop on various media skills for educators, catechists, trainers and students.

The head facilitator Fr. Stephen Cuyos, MSC taught the participants how to create clear, effective and captivating multimedia presentations. The new techniques in adding images and text revolutionized how presentations can be created. One of the participants said that the highlight of the activity was when, “Learning how to use the tools to make my presentations more effective. As Fr. Stephen mentioned, it’s not as difficult as it seems.” Participants can’t wait to show and present their improved presentations using new techniques.

The next session of the Skillshare session will be the Awesome Photography. Fr. Stephen will teach the basics of photography and editing. It will be held on June 28, 2014. For reservations, please follow this link: http//

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