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The Challenges of K-12 Workshop Held Successfully




Dr. Willie Cabral

K to 12 is an organizational and administrative operation to bring Philippine secondary education up to par with the rest of the world. It is the most comprehensive educational reform of secondary education in the Philippines in many decades. It is a necessary reform, but it is not sufficient to lift the quality of Philippine education to international standards, since it does not adequately address the major factors that determine the quality of education: teaching and learning.

Last October 14, 2015, the Communication Foundation for Asia held “The Challenges of K-12” workshop that aimed to lift the quality of teaching & learning in our schools. Attending the workshop were educators and school administrators from across the Philippines.


Dr. Emerita Reyes

The first resource speaker Dr. Willie Cabral provided the foundation of the workshop. He talked about the experiences of the K-12 program and how they can be properly implemented. The next speaker Dr. Emerita Reyes shared the ongoing practices of the K-12 program at the University of Makati. She showed examples as to how they were able to properly execute it in the Philippine setting.


Mr. Henri “Henk” Ankoné with participants

The workshop lead speaker Mr. Henri “Henk” Ankoné focused his talk on “Effective Learning and Teaching”. He involved each participant through a series of workshops in designing ideal lesson formats for their respective schools. He encouraged innovations to aid them, as they brave the latest education reform.


“The Challenges of K-12” workshop will soon be available as a massive open online course (MOOC). Visit these websites and for developments of the course.

The Challenges of K-12 Workshop’s Registration Still Open!



Communication Foundation for Asia’s much awaited workshop, “The Challenges of K-12” is set to happen this Wednesday, 14th of October 2015 from 8am to 5pm at Communication Foundation for Asia. This workshop aims to answer educators and school administrators’ questions on K-12. Questions that include:

    • “How do I make K-12 succeed in my school?”
    • “Are there K-12 success stories in other countries, and how do I apply them in my school or locality?”
    • “How do I overcome resistance to K-12?”

Leading the workshop is Mr. Henri (“Henk”) Ankoné, a consummate educator whose fields of expertise include curriculum development (from the national level to the classroom level), school development, teacher training/coaching, development of teaching resources and skills based teaching and learning.

He will also be joined other resource persons. Dr. Emerita Reyes of University of Makati will discuss the measures and guidelines in piloting a K-12 curriculum successfully; and Dr. Willie Cabral, Assistant Regional Director of Department of Education, will tackle the right implementation of the K-12 Program.

Registration is still open. To register and to know more about the workshop, please visit