GKM DEC15-JAN16 smallGospel “K” Magazine addresses high school readers’ interest and concerns about faith and its relevance to their lives. It presents the Sunday Gospel by way of true-to-life stories. Its study guides-following Understanding by Design (UbD) methods-stimulate spiritual reflection.

It is also an effective teachers’ aid for religious instruction and discussion.

Gospel “K” complements Religion as Core Curriculum (RCC) programs in schools.


Gospel Komiks Magazine is designed to be a supplemental reading material for religious instruction, specifically for Christian Living classes. There are 5 issues per school year.

  • The Bible from Cover to Cover
  • The Sacraments and the Sacramentals
  • You, Your Church and Society: Simplified discussions of the social doctrines of the Church and the Papal encyclicals
  • Evolution: A journey through Church history
  • Gospel Connections: Discussion of how Gospel study is related to other subjects learned in school, including science, history, mathematics and literature.


Helps teachers and catechists in carrying out religious instruction
Increases the readers’ knowledge and understanding of Christ and His message.
Explains and clarifies essential matters about Christianity.
Provides guidance for effective Bible study and reflection
Inspires readers in schools or homes to apply Gospel values to their daily lives.

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