gnow cover dec-jan 2016 smallIn June 2009, CFA launched a new publication, Gospel Now. This bi-monthly magazine is intended to make the study of the Gospels “layman-friendly.” This is reflected in its slogan – “Everyday Gospel for everyday people.”

Gospel Now seeks to “internalize” the Gospel among its young readers by presenting Sunday Gospels in stories that kids can relate to, and in articles about current Church and social issues. In-depth yet easy-to-understand commentaries and snappy illustrations make the Gospels easy to absorb. Gospel Now also leads readers to where they may find additional Gospel information on the Internet. As the writer of Hebrews advise, Gospel Now weans young people from the “milk” of basic faith study, to the intake of “solid food” for growing-up Christians. Gospel Now prepares young readers to take an active role in Church- and nation-building through discussions on servant-leadership and lay participation in the Church. Its study guides-following Understanding by Design (UbD) methods-stimulate spiritual reflection.

Gospel Now complements Religion as Core Curriculum (RCC) programs in schools.


  • You, Your Church and Society: Simplifies discussions of the social doctrines of the Church and the Papal encyclicals
  • Faith and Flix: A study of Gospel themes in popular movies
  • Gospel Connections: Discussion of how Gospel study is related to other subjects learned in school, including science, history, mathematics and literature.

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