The Multimedia Bible – Transforming Lives through God’s Words



• See the Bible in pictures! There are five (5) bible stories each from the Old and New testaments per issue.
• It includes links to different related videos, music from the internet and other innovations that CFA has developed (i.e. Augmented Reality and animation samples, etc.)
• It provides suggested activities and discussion guides to teachers and parents to optimize interactions and sharing of reflections.
• It is conceptualized by proficient and seasoned editors, catechists and Bible scholars.
• It presents the Bible in a simplified form which sustains the interest and attention of young readers.

• It provides a visual presentation of the Bible that appeal to both young and adult audience.
• It directs children, parents and teachers to deeper learning and understanding of God’s Word using different multimedia
• It can be useful for Bible sharing or study within BECs and other Christian communities.
• It can serve as reference for bible quizzes and contests
• It is a perfect gift for all ages!

Click here to download a sample 12 page copy of The Multimedia Bible.

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