Read Along, Read Aloud! is a compilation of Stage 1 stories for children, ages 3-6. Stage 1 stories are meant for children who are learning to read and who want to become fluent readers. It is also meant to be used and referenced by teachers who want their students to explore the world of reading. This collection can also be used for older children that need readiness and pre-literacy skills.

Copies are now available but this educational CD will be launched on May 6, 2014 during the first wave of Paglinang 2014: A Series of Training-Workshops on the K-12 Curriculum, Early Years Act and Kindergarten Education Act under a Mother Tongue Based-Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE) Framework.CD-cover-1024x1024

The compilation has been made possible through the initiative of the Special Projects Team and the other departments. Special mention, however must be credited to the Publications Department and Sales Department.

Get your copies by contacting us at sales@cfamedia.org or call us at 7132981-85 loc. 163

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