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Big Turnout for “Maskara” Premiere

Maskara Gala

Cast and crew of “Maskara” meet the public during the gala premiere June 26.

A huge crowd representing academe, civil society, Church, local government, media and showbiz nearly filled the seats of SM Edsa North’s Cinema 2 for the gala premiere of CFA’s “Maskara” June 26.

The premiere marked the first public showing of CFA’s comeback movie after qualifying in the New Filipino Cinema section of the World Premieres Film Festival. Also in attendance were the film’s cast and crew, including Ina Feleo, Lance Raymundo, Ping Medina, Rollie Inocencio, Chi Datu-Bocobo, and director Genesis Nolasco. In a Q&A that followed the film showing, CFA executive director Noel de Leon explained that “Maskara” is about truth, “living in truth, searching for the truth, insisting on the truth, and standing up for the truth.”

He said that the film is basically for young people. “Kids spend 10-15 years in school,” he pointed out, “where they learn honesty, integrity, fair play, love of God, and respect for fellowmen. But when they leave school, they are told, ‘Forget what you learned in school. It’s a jungle out here. You must steal from the next guy before he steals from you. If you get caught, cover up, whitewash, say you’ll explain in the proper forum.’”

By this movie, he continued, CFA wants to tell young people that they should not let the world change them; it’s they who should change the world.

Tell Your Stories Through Photos



The proliferation of visual technologies like cameras and online image editing tools has made storytelling more engaging. On July 26, 2014, the CFA Training Department will conduct a workshop on Photostories for Evangelization. It will be held from 9:00am to 5:00 pm at the Seminar Room of the Communication Foundation for Asia.

Visual storytelling and photosharing give people new ways to connect, collaborate and build community. Through this hands-on workshop, participants will be able to create visual stories using online comic-creating apps, share self-generated photobooks and photoalbums, and find, download and embed relevant photos.

Facilitating the workshop are Fr. Stephen Cuyos, MSC and Ms. Bob Lopez who have been conducting workshops on the use of social media for evangelization for bishops, priests, religious and lay leaders nationwide.

Here is a sample photobook that participants can create. To flip through the pages, click on the lower right portion of image.

To register, kindly follow this link: http://goo.gl/CUV4FW.

Photo Enthusiasts Capture Awesome Images



Fourteen photo enthusiasts ranging from amateurs to professionals honed their photography skills in the Awesome Photo Workshop held in CFA last June 28, 2014. Guiding them was Fr. Stephen Cuyos, MSC, an award-winning graphic artist who infected them with his passion for photography and influenced them to take photos that capture not only the eyes but also the soul.

FrEd small

A participant applies rules in framing.

Fr. Stephen tackled the basic rules in photography while relating them to life. Being a priest, he shared faith-based concepts and morals that inspired participants to take shots that deepened their spirituality. To further improve the shots, He also gave tips on photo enhancing and editing by using a free online photo-editing tool. The workshop ended with the participants producing professional looking photos and all were eager to practice their new photography skills.

The next episodes on the Skillshare Series by the CFA Training Department will be about Social Media and the New Evangelization. On July 26, 2014 (Saturday), it will be on Creating Photostories for Evangelization. It will be held here at Communication Foundation for Asia.

Beyond Boundaries: 4Peace1World


4peace1worldwebFor the fourth time since 2006, the Communication Foundation for Asia has launched a nationwide Peace Tour, featuring a unique Traveling Exhibit of high school students’ artwork, photographs and video on the timely theme of Christian-Muslim peace-building. Titled 4PEACE1WORLD, the new exhibit was launched on September 10, 2013 at the CFA Lagerwey Hall in Sta. Mesa.

The creative exhibit materials were produced by participants from two high schools in Manila and two from Cotabato during CFA’s 4th Peace Camp, which was held in May 2012, and during their follow-up workshop, held in May 2013. Mounted on portable aluminum panels that can be transported from Manila to provinces all over the country, the exhibit explores varying perspectives of young Filipinos’ aspirations for peace through paintings and photographs, collages and captions. The exhibit includes the video documentary of the same title, which captures the journey of the 40 high school students that started when they joined the 2012 Peace Camp. Every photograph and painting in the exhibit tells its own story of understanding, respect and friendship among Christian and Muslim students who chose to act for peace.

During the launch program, CFA’s Executive Director, Ms. Teresita Hermano, urged participants to be proactive: “It is not enough to talk about peace. It is not even enough to commit to peace. We must work on peace. We must act on it.” Although she noted that the youth are the most vulnerable members of the community, they also have a role in preventing or defusing conflict situations in school, in the home, in their neighborhood. She encouraged the students to carry their responsibilities forward as peace ambassadors, when they get the chance to become future leaders of their communities.

Students who had participated in the Camp also gave their reactions to the Peace Exhibit launch. Nicole Panganiban, a student from the Nazarene Catholic School, said: “What I’ve learned from the 2012 Peace Camp should not be only in my mind; it should be felt by my heart and seen in the acts of my hands.” Jules Vicente, a student from Ramon Avanceña High School, credited the 2012 Peace Camp with awakening his interest in peace issues, saying: “Academically and emotionally, we can make peace. Magulo na ang mundo natin. Kailangan ko na magbago.”

One teacher at Ramon Avanceña High School, Mrs. Minda Vicente, who also happens to be Jules Vicente’s mother, shared her own views about CFA’s Peace Camp program. Inspired by her son’s positive approach after the 2012 Camp, she was moved to tears. She spoke of her strong belief that once a person is molded spiritually, good and beautiful things will follow.

The launch ended with the Camp Director and CFA Training Department Head, Ms. Bob Lopez, sending off the audience to start their own journey to sow seeds of peace that in due time will bear fruit and bring hope of peace and unity in society.

The 4PEACE1WORLD Traveling Exhibit started its tour of schools and pastoral centers nationwide the week after the launch, joining the peace programs organized by the campers of the Notre Dame-RVM College of Cotabato and the Cotabato City National High School. The national tour will continue until the end of November aiming to reach as many youth as possible encouraging them to become peace advocates in their own way.