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Tell Your Stories Through Photos



The proliferation of visual technologies like cameras and online image editing tools has made storytelling more engaging. On July 26, 2014, the CFA Training Department will conduct a workshop on Photostories for Evangelization. It will be held from 9:00am to 5:00 pm at the Seminar Room of the Communication Foundation for Asia.

Visual storytelling and photosharing give people new ways to connect, collaborate and build community. Through this hands-on workshop, participants will be able to create visual stories using online comic-creating apps, share self-generated photobooks and photoalbums, and find, download and embed relevant photos.

Facilitating the workshop are Fr. Stephen Cuyos, MSC and Ms. Bob Lopez who have been conducting workshops on the use of social media for evangelization for bishops, priests, religious and lay leaders nationwide.

Here is a sample photobook that participants can create. To flip through the pages, click on the lower right portion of image.

To register, kindly follow this link: http://goo.gl/CUV4FW.

Social Media and the New Evangelization



The book “Social Media and the New Evangelization” authored by Fr. Stephen Cuyos, MSC is available here at Communication Foundation for Asia. After many years of conducting workshops on social media all over the country and even in some Asian countries, Fr. Stephen has amassed a great deal of experience and know-how on the subject. He explains that the main mission of the book is “to help evangelizers develop social media fluency and show them how to refine, develop and nourish their creative abilities so that they will constantly reinvent themselves and offer new possibilities for the New Evangelization.”

Fr. Stephen’s book is full of original photos, illustrations, tips and insights, encouraging all to engage in social media: “Social media is a powerful way to proclaim God’s Word in an innovative, attractive fashion. You do not have to be a computer geek to do this. You only need to be fluent in social media – to be technologically and pedagogically proficient in the use of photosharing, videosharing, gaming, social networking, and Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). And, of course, you must also pursue a deep, prayerful life, have insatiable passion for evangelization, and always strive for world-class professional excellence in your work.”

The book responds to the challenge posed by the Catholic Church to its members. Pope Benedict XVI, in his message for the 47th World Communication Day, stated that the “digital environment is not a parallel or purely virtual world, but is part of the daily experience of many people, especially the young.” He stressed that social networks are “portals of truth and faith; new spaces for evangelization. It is therefore an imperative that catechists and youth ministers engage in social media to become better evangelists and influencers of the young.”

For more information on the book, please contact the telephone numbers 713-2971 or 713-2981 to 85, locals 162 and 163, or email: sales@cfamedia.org or cfamagazines@gmail.com.



Lights! Camera! Gospel!Calling all wannabe videomakers!Using your tablet, smartphone, digicam or videocam, create a short video related to the Gospels featured in our CFA magazines.

What kind of video? Your call! It could be just you, expressing your comments about the Gospel—how you interpret it, how you can apply it in everyday life, what you can’t understand about it. If you’re camera-shy, get your BFF, teacher, kasambahay, or friendly tricycle driver as talent. It could be a docu. Or a music video. Or a simple animation. Anything and everything. Let your creative juices flow! How short is “short?” Anywhere from a few seconds to 5 minutes.

Then what? Upload your video to any video-sharing sites, including (but not limited to) YouTube, MetaCafe, Google Video, DailyMotion and Vimeo. Send the URL of your uploaded video to cfamagazines@gmail.com or share it directly on our Facebook account.

Every month, we’ll pick the most outstanding entries. The best of the month will receive a Set of Illustrated Bible Comics! Not to mention the usual 15 minutes of fame.

Sorry, anybody named Spielberg, Ang Lee or Tarantino are disqualified.

For more information feel free to ask any questions on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

QR Codes in CFA Magazines Take Readers Beyond Printed Pages


Recognizing the growing popularity of Smartphones and tablets (especially among the young), the Publications Department of the Communications Foundation for Asia has started using QR codes in its magazines.

QR Codes

QR Codes

QR (short for Quick Response) codes are matrix barcodes that may be read by an imaging device, such as a Smartphone or tablet with a camera and pre-installed scanning app. The device may then re-direct the user to a Web location (or load a file, or bring up a GPS spot) encoded in the image. Scanning the QR code on the Pope Francis article shown in the picture, for example, will load for the reader a YouTube video docu on Fr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Meanwhile, the QR code on the right-hand page will let the reader sample a new Android game being reviewed in CFA’s Pambata magazine. “We see a wide array of uses for QR codes,” a CFA editor said. “If an article in our magazine is discussing the Miracle in Cana, for instance, a QR code can take the reader to a Google map of Cana—giving the reader a ‘you-are-there’ experience. We always look for ways by which our readers can better understand and appreciate our magazines, beyond what they see in print.” CFA is trying out the use of QR codes in its magazines for intermediate- and high school readers, realizing these are the levels where Smartphones and tablets are likely in heavy use.

CFA Magazines launches its own Facebook and Twitter accounts


cfa mags profile foto 180pxIn line with Communication Foundation for Asia’s goal of reaching out to its magazine subscribers through the social media, CFA recently launch its own Facebook and Twitter account. You can now easily communicate with our sales and publications team via such networks. Feel free to post your comments, suggestions and stories.

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