GK-GS DEC15-JAN16 ENG smallGospel Komiks (GK) is CFA’s most widely recognized publication. Launched in 1980, it is a pioneer in popularizing Sunday Gospel readings, translating them into contemporary illustrated stories. Its English and Filipino editions reach more than half a million readers nationwide.

GK has garnered nine awards and more than two dozen nominations from the Catholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA). In 2006, CFA celebrated GK’s 25th anniversary by publishing its best stories from the past 25 years in the Gospel Komiks Collector’s Edition.


Gospel Komiks deepens young readers’ knowledge of the scriptures and the Catholic faith. It features colorfully illustrated contemporary stories based on the SUnday gospels. It’s study guides-following Understanding by Design (UbD) methods-stimulate spiritual reflection. Readers will understand the gospel as they are “popularized” here. There are also paraliturgical guides to common worship.

Gospel Komiks complements Religion as Core Curriculum (RCC) programs in schools.

Pick your choice of Gospel Komiks in either English or Filipino editions.

GK is issued every two months during the school year, from June-July up to February-March.


  • Complements and enriches Christian living education and values formation
  • Makes the Gospel easier to understand and appreciate
  • Serves as a helpful guide for Bible study, sharing and reflection
  • Deepens the readers’ knowledge and understanding of the Bible and its application to our lives

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