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Magazine on Social Doctrines “Resurrects” as e-Zine


action now oct_nov15 for website
The Communication Foundation for Asia is reviving its Action Now magazine, this time in e-zine format. The photojournalistic magazine first saw print in the late 60s. As before, the new Action Now will focus on the social doctrines of the Church. To download your free copy of the maiden issue, visit

CFA Workshop to Address Educators’ Concerns on K-12


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An international education expert, Henri (“Henk”) Ankoné, will meet with Philippine educators and school administrators in a CFA-sponsored workshop, “The Challenges of K-12.” The workshop is scheduled on October 14, 2015 in CFA’s Lagerwey Hall in Sta. Mesa, Manila. Organizers say the workshop is meant to address educators’ concerns about K-12, including:

  • “How do I make K-12 succeed in my school?”
  • “Are there K-12 success stories in other countries, and how do I apply them in my school or locality?”
  • “How do I overcome resistance to K-12?”

Resource speaker Henk Ankoné is a consummate educator. His fields of expertise include curriculum development (from the national level to the classroom level), school development, teacher training/coaching, development of teaching resources and skills based teaching and learning. Henk’s fields of interest cover a wide range of subjects, including geography, earth science, environmental studies, sustainable development, and human rights education. He has helped bring about educational innovations and reforms not only in his native Netherlands, but also in neighbor-countries in the European Union, the Russian Federation, Hong Kong, China, the Caribbean and the Philippines. Henk earned master’s degrees in geography (Katholieke Leergangen Polytechnic, Tilburg) and in Civics (Radboud University, Nijmegen) and a diploma in school management (Tilburg Institute of Advanced Studies), all in the Netherlands. To register, or for more info, contact: 713-2981, Ext 182 (Me-Ann) or Ext 503 (Cha). Or E-mail

Church of the Poor in the 2nd Plenary Council of the Philippines (PCP II)



Most Rev. Broderick S. Pabillo, DD, Auxiliary Bishop of Manila was the featured speaker during the second installment of the “Church of the Poor in PCP II” lecture series, which was held on June 17, 2015 at the CFA Lagerwey Hall.

Bishop Pabillo presented statistics on the poor in the country who compromise 70% of the Philippines’ population and are found mostly in Samar and Mindanao.

He said that when a person is economically poor, everything else follows: an individual becomes “food” poor—he has nothing to buy food and becomes “health” poor; then, he is also “spiritually” poor because he is unable to attend Mass regularly since he and his family live far away and cannot afford to take public transportation to church.

He also discussed how Jesus Christ treated the poor two millenniums ago, how He listened and spoke to them, and how he worked and cared for them.

The Bishop also emphasized that, as a follower of Christ, one should also have a preferential love for the poor, because it is the kind of love Jesus has for the poor.

Big Turnout for “Maskara” Premiere

Maskara Gala

Cast and crew of “Maskara” meet the public during the gala premiere June 26.

A huge crowd representing academe, civil society, Church, local government, media and showbiz nearly filled the seats of SM Edsa North’s Cinema 2 for the gala premiere of CFA’s “Maskara” June 26.

The premiere marked the first public showing of CFA’s comeback movie after qualifying in the New Filipino Cinema section of the World Premieres Film Festival. Also in attendance were the film’s cast and crew, including Ina Feleo, Lance Raymundo, Ping Medina, Rollie Inocencio, Chi Datu-Bocobo, and director Genesis Nolasco. In a Q&A that followed the film showing, CFA executive director Noel de Leon explained that “Maskara” is about truth, “living in truth, searching for the truth, insisting on the truth, and standing up for the truth.”

He said that the film is basically for young people. “Kids spend 10-15 years in school,” he pointed out, “where they learn honesty, integrity, fair play, love of God, and respect for fellowmen. But when they leave school, they are told, ‘Forget what you learned in school. It’s a jungle out here. You must steal from the next guy before he steals from you. If you get caught, cover up, whitewash, say you’ll explain in the proper forum.’”

By this movie, he continued, CFA wants to tell young people that they should not let the world change them; it’s they who should change the world.