From Famed Comics to Children’s Show, “Gospel Komiks TV: Mga Kwento ni Ate G”



Launched in 1980, Gospel Komiks has been synonymous with Catholic education, teaching and explaining to Filipinos the challenges of the weekly Sunday Gospels through the easily understandable medium of comics. Today, Gospel Komiks will reach new heights in having inspired a new TV show entitled, “Gospel Komiks TV: Mga Kwento ni Ate G”


“Ate G” with the Kids

Gospel Komiks TV: Mga Kwento ni Ate G is a 30-minute children’s show centering on values derived from Gospel stories, using storytelling and art as main tools for interpretation. The show stars Ate G (played by Carla Lizardo), who tells stories to children from a ‘GK book’, a book inherited by her family from a travelling missionary. From it, Ate G reads stories that children can learn lessons from. The GK book takes its stories from the Bible.

The first season of Mga Kwento ni Ate G will soon air on TV Maria. The exact dates and time of their showing will be posted soon.

CFA’s Special Production “Mga Pastol sa Sabsaban” wins a Best Long Film



Last October 10, 2015 the Diocese of Pasig held the 3rd Pasig Catholic Mass Media Awards. Among the winners was Communication Foundation for Asia and Family Matters TV’s special production “Mga Pastol sa Sabsaban (Pagninilay Para Sa Pagdalaw Ni Pope Francis)” under the category Best Long Film.

“Mga Pastol sa Sabsaban” reflects upon the recent visit of Pope Francis. It explores the idea on “What would you tell Pope Francis if you had the chance?” The video special stars two students — Vonn (played by Lance Raymundo) and Dorcie (Jamie Jalandoni) who interviewed ordinary citizens of different social standings about what personal statements they would share with the Pope, were they to have a one-on-one with him. Along the way, Vonn and Dorcie reflect on the answers they get, and how these relate to the teachings of Pope Francis.

The Pasig Catholic Mass Media Awards was established on 2012 to give credit to those who use their God given talents in social communications to proclaim the good news. Communication Foundation for Asia thanks PCMMA for the honor.

CFA Comics on Pope Wins CMMA Special Citation


CFA’s special edition, “A Pope Named Francis,” won a Special Citation in the 37th Catholic Mass Media Awards CMMA Trophyheld Nov. 4 at the Star Theater. The comics magazine presents Pope Francis as a model of the Church’s teachings on preferential option for the poor.

“A Pope Named Francis” is still available in English and Filipino versions at the Communication Foundation for Asia, St. Paul’s and Paulines bookstores.

In addition, CMMA also recognized CFA’s participation in the Special Documentary Team that covered the Papal visit in January.

The Challenges of K-12 Workshop Held Successfully




Dr. Willie Cabral

K to 12 is an organizational and administrative operation to bring Philippine secondary education up to par with the rest of the world. It is the most comprehensive educational reform of secondary education in the Philippines in many decades. It is a necessary reform, but it is not sufficient to lift the quality of Philippine education to international standards, since it does not adequately address the major factors that determine the quality of education: teaching and learning.

Last October 14, 2015, the Communication Foundation for Asia held “The Challenges of K-12” workshop that aimed to lift the quality of teaching & learning in our schools. Attending the workshop were educators and school administrators from across the Philippines.


Dr. Emerita Reyes

The first resource speaker Dr. Willie Cabral provided the foundation of the workshop. He talked about the experiences of the K-12 program and how they can be properly implemented. The next speaker Dr. Emerita Reyes shared the ongoing practices of the K-12 program at the University of Makati. She showed examples as to how they were able to properly execute it in the Philippine setting.


Mr. Henri “Henk” Ankoné with participants

The workshop lead speaker Mr. Henri “Henk” Ankoné focused his talk on “Effective Learning and Teaching”. He involved each participant through a series of workshops in designing ideal lesson formats for their respective schools. He encouraged innovations to aid them, as they brave the latest education reform.


“The Challenges of K-12” workshop will soon be available as a massive open online course (MOOC). Visit these websites and for developments of the course.

The Challenges of K-12 Workshop’s Registration Still Open!



Communication Foundation for Asia’s much awaited workshop, “The Challenges of K-12” is set to happen this Wednesday, 14th of October 2015 from 8am to 5pm at Communication Foundation for Asia. This workshop aims to answer educators and school administrators’ questions on K-12. Questions that include:

    • “How do I make K-12 succeed in my school?”
    • “Are there K-12 success stories in other countries, and how do I apply them in my school or locality?”
    • “How do I overcome resistance to K-12?”

Leading the workshop is Mr. Henri (“Henk”) Ankoné, a consummate educator whose fields of expertise include curriculum development (from the national level to the classroom level), school development, teacher training/coaching, development of teaching resources and skills based teaching and learning.

He will also be joined other resource persons. Dr. Emerita Reyes of University of Makati will discuss the measures and guidelines in piloting a K-12 curriculum successfully; and Dr. Willie Cabral, Assistant Regional Director of Department of Education, will tackle the right implementation of the K-12 Program.

Registration is still open. To register and to know more about the workshop, please visit

Visual Guide to the Eucharist Published


eucharist_n_you work for press.cdr

In union with the Church in celebration of the coming 51st International Eucharistic Congress, the Communication Foundation for Asia has published “The Eucharist and You: A Visual Guide to the Heart of Our Catholic Faith.” This Gospel Komiks special edition aims at giving readers a better understanding and appreciation of the Blessed Sacrament.

The magazine focuses on the most essential aspects of the Eucharist by explaining the real presence of Christ using miracle stories. It inspires every Christian to make the Eucharist part of his or her life by living for Jesus and expressing love to one’s neighbors.

To download a free sampler, visit To reserve your copy, contact or call us at 713-2971 or 713-2975.

CFA Radio Dramas to be revived through Podcast


11949584_10205052832948976_938324631_n (1)

The Communication Foundation for Asia’s “Isang Dipa Langit”, “Kung Kailangan Mo Ako”, “Sa Dibdib ng Langit” and other renowned radio dramas will once again be heard through the digital media of podcasting, which is the new medium of an episodic series of digital radio. The Podcast will be called ‘CFA Sanctuner’.

Another segment will include Daily Gospel and Reflections (a ten minute guide and reflective comments based on daily gospel), Pop Media 101 (an interactive discussion on the pop culture, media literacy, latest technology, etc ), Politikool (segment tackling different issues on politics in a comical attack ) and Oh My Feast! (features church-related trivia’s etc.) are some of the many other segments to tune in for.

CFA Sanctuner podcast will be running from Mondays to Fridays starting this second week of September.

Do follow for episode updates.

Mulat-Likha Workshop Series


Mulat Likha

Mulat-Likha is a series of Intervention Training Workshops for Public School Teachers following the new K-12 curriculum MTB-MLE method. It covers subjects as Araling Panlipunan, Science, English, Filipino, Kindergarten, Mathematics and Home-Based Educators. It is a spin-off of the KATHA 2014 conducted in the City of Valenzuela participated by teachers and parents.

The online version is sponsored by METROBANK FOUNDATION.

Click link to view Mulat-Likha:

Magazine on Social Doctrines “Resurrects” as e-Zine


action now oct_nov15 for website
The Communication Foundation for Asia is reviving its Action Now magazine, this time in e-zine format. The photojournalistic magazine first saw print in the late 60s. As before, the new Action Now will focus on the social doctrines of the Church. To download your free copy of the maiden issue, visit

CFA Workshop to Address Educators’ Concerns on K-12


website splash 14jul15
An international education expert, Henri (“Henk”) Ankoné, will meet with Philippine educators and school administrators in a CFA-sponsored workshop, “The Challenges of K-12.” The workshop is scheduled on October 14, 2015 in CFA’s Lagerwey Hall in Sta. Mesa, Manila. Organizers say the workshop is meant to address educators’ concerns about K-12, including:

  • “How do I make K-12 succeed in my school?”
  • “Are there K-12 success stories in other countries, and how do I apply them in my school or locality?”
  • “How do I overcome resistance to K-12?”

Resource speaker Henk Ankoné is a consummate educator. His fields of expertise include curriculum development (from the national level to the classroom level), school development, teacher training/coaching, development of teaching resources and skills based teaching and learning. Henk’s fields of interest cover a wide range of subjects, including geography, earth science, environmental studies, sustainable development, and human rights education. He has helped bring about educational innovations and reforms not only in his native Netherlands, but also in neighbor-countries in the European Union, the Russian Federation, Hong Kong, China, the Caribbean and the Philippines. Henk earned master’s degrees in geography (Katholieke Leergangen Polytechnic, Tilburg) and in Civics (Radboud University, Nijmegen) and a diploma in school management (Tilburg Institute of Advanced Studies), all in the Netherlands. To register, or for more info, contact: 713-2981, Ext 182 (Me-Ann) or Ext 503 (Cha). Or E-mail