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From Famed Comics to Children’s Show, “Gospel Komiks TV: Mga Kwento ni Ate G”



Launched in 1980, Gospel Komiks has been synonymous with Catholic education, teaching and explaining to Filipinos the challenges of the weekly Sunday Gospels through the easily understandable medium of comics. Today, Gospel Komiks will reach new heights in having inspired a new TV show entitled, “Gospel Komiks TV: Mga Kwento ni Ate G”


“Ate G” with the Kids

Gospel Komiks TV: Mga Kwento ni Ate G is a 30-minute children’s show centering on values derived from Gospel stories, using storytelling and art as main tools for interpretation. The show stars Ate G (played by Carla Lizardo), who tells stories to children from a ‘GK book’, a book inherited by her family from a travelling missionary. From it, Ate G reads stories that children can learn lessons from. The GK book takes its stories from the Bible.

The first season of Mga Kwento ni Ate G will soon air on TV Maria. The exact dates and time of their showing will be posted soon.

Visual Guide to the Eucharist Published


eucharist_n_you work for press.cdr

In union with the Church in celebration of the coming 51st International Eucharistic Congress, the Communication Foundation for Asia has published “The Eucharist and You: A Visual Guide to the Heart of Our Catholic Faith.” This Gospel Komiks special edition aims at giving readers a better understanding and appreciation of the Blessed Sacrament.

The magazine focuses on the most essential aspects of the Eucharist by explaining the real presence of Christ using miracle stories. It inspires every Christian to make the Eucharist part of his or her life by living for Jesus and expressing love to one’s neighbors.

To download a free sampler, visit To reserve your copy, contact or call us at 713-2971 or 713-2975.

Grade 9 student from Saint Michael Academy of Catarman, Northern Samar wins best poem for our Gospel K Magazine’s Special Feature “Pause and Post!”


Starting from left Sr. Myrna, Regine Valerie Arcebuche Arninio and Alvin Vega from CFA Sales.


Back in the August-September 2014 issue of Gospel Komiks and Gospel K Magazine, we challenged our readers to make a poem about their love for Jesus. A poem made by a grade 9 student from Saint Michael Academy of Catarman, Northern Samar caught the eye of our writers and editors. Written by Regine Valerie Arcebuche Arninio, the poem is an honest and open expression of her love and relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

My Best Friend Jesus

I know He’s always there for me, even though I couldn’t see.
I know that He’s inside my heart
and no one can be able to break us apart.

When I am lonely and depressed,
He’ll comfort me and make me feel blessed.
And when I cry due to my fears,
He’d make me stop and wipe my tears

He comforts me when I’m sad,
He’s also there when I am glad.
He calms me down when I am angry
and teaches me how to say sorry.

I’m so lucky He’s my best friend.
I know His love for me will never end.
And I also want to let you know,
my best friend Jesus is your best friend, too.

Stay tuned for more contest from CFA Magazines!

Two students from Saint Vincent School, Quirino create their own rendition of “How Great is Our God” by Chris Tomlin


In this month’s issue of the Gospel Komiks and Gospel K Magazine’s Rakrakang Papuri we challenged our readers to make their own cover of the song “How Great is Our God” by Chris Tomlin.GKM OCT-NOV 2014-42 spot

Two grade 9 students namely Danna Jean dela Cruz Udan and Divine Joy Cordon Pili from Saint Vincent School, Maddela, Quirino accepted and uploaded their video on YouTube. You can watch their performance through the embedded YouTube video above.

We at CFA thanks Danna Jean and Divine Joy for their excellent rendition of the song.

Gospel Komiks: Sharing with Kuya Gie and Ate Kaye


GK-GS AUG-SEPT14 ENG-41 spot

Gospel Komiks and Gospel K Magazine for High School has something new in store for its readers. Introducing Kuya Gie and Ate Kaye, your newest friends in GK. They are here to answer questions about things that boggle your mind like family issues, what to do about bullying, or how to deepen your relationship with Jesus. Just pick up a pen and paper, pour your hearts out, and send those words by emailing Kuya Gie and Ate Kaye at with the Subject: DEAR KUYA GIE AND ATE KAYE. You may use an alias but do give us your true age, town or city. 🙂